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The Smartest Leather manufacturer, Exporter, Importer and Commission Agent in Bangladesh since 1984.

United Leather International is one of the Well Established Leather manufacturer, exporter, importer and commission Agent in Bangladesh since 1984. We are able to fulfill your requirement for any types of Leather.

We have also our own Tannery namely Five Star Tannery. Well Experienced Official and Field Staff. We are very careful to maintain the Quality and Price are also Very Competitive.

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A combination of experience and continual investment in the most advanced technologies guarantees an unmatched expertise in all facets of supply and a thorough understanding of customers’ requirements. By integrating a wide network of contacts across Bangladesh and throughout the world, the United Leather International is able to provide their customers with a comprehensive source of a range of Hides, Skins and Leathers.

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We are exporting the following Leather

Crust leather
Crust Leather

Crust Leather of Cow, calf, Buffalo, baby buffalo, Goat and Sheep skins. Full Chrome, Semi Chrome, Full Vegetable of Natural and Drum Dyed Black/Brown or any other color, Shoe Lining Leather etc.

Finished Leather
Finished Leather

Finished Leather of Cow, Buffalo, Goat and Sheep: For the use of Shoe-upper , Bags namely Polished, Burnished, Aniline, Semi Aniline, Glazed Finished etc.

Leather Goods & Garments
Leather Goods & Garments

Leather Shoes, Boots, Bags, Jacket, Belt, Wallet, Passport cover, Visiting card holder, Meeting file bag, Hand Book, Note Book, Laptop bag, Case, Key Holder, Key ring & all kinds of leather goods & garments.

Split Leather
Cow and Buffalo Split Leather

We also export cow and buffalo split leather in wet blue, crust and finished condition.

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We are very proud

We are very proud of our tannery processes, which ensures that the locally sourced raw materials are processed to become the very finest leather.

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